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Experiencing Hearing Loss
for Amherst & Williamsville, NY and WNY

If you are suffering from hearing loss, a hearing specialist can offer the solutions you need to hear properly again. By completing an in-depth hearing evaluation, we can accurately determine the nature and degree of hearing loss as well as the best solutions for your hearing problem.

Hearing Loss Amherst, NY


If we determine hearing aids are the appropriate solution, we can do a fitting for you, keeping in mind that since no two hearing impairments are the same, neither are the appropriate hearing solutions. We take a casual and relaxed approach to fitting hearing aids, and we patiently and gradually acclimate our customers to the sounds of life that they have missed for years. 

At Farino's Hearing and Vision Center, we carry Siemens, Oticon, Unitron, Widex, Phonak and Sonic Innovation products, including the following:

Lifelong hearing success is our goal. So, following the initial fitting, our patients will participate in our weekly follow up program, where we gradually improve hearing parameters over time and go over proper use of hearing instruments. We can also replace batteries and repair broken hearing devices.


Hearing assistive technology helps people with hearing loss function in day-to-day life. These types of devices can be used without hearing aids to make hearing easier or use other methods to alert an individual. 

 Hearing Assistive Technology Products:

  • Amplified Telephones
  • Cell Phone Accessories
  • Television Listening Systems
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Telephone & Doorbell Ring Signalers
  • Flashing Smoke Alarms
  • Personal Listening Systems 
Additional Products:
  • Custom-Made Swim Molds/Earmolds
  • Custom-Made & Generic Hearing Protectors & Musician's Plugs

We have a demonstration display of a number of these products so that our patients can learn for themselves which devices are most beneficial.


At Farino's Hearing and Vision Center, you always have our full attention and we are always listening. If you or someone you know is ready to begin hearing life again, please call us and start your journey back to better hearing. Our convenient location in Clarence helps us serve the entire Williamsville, NY and Amherst, NY area.

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