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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Expertise for Amherst & Williamsville, NY

Noticing hearing loss can be a frightening time. Farinos Hearing & Vision Center makes it so it doesn't have to be. Our hearing specialists know that each patient has different needs and wants, and works with each individually to meet them. Make an appointment today, and begin your journey back to hearing.


Emotional Signs
  • Withdraw from social settings for anxiety of hearing issues
  • Nervousness about being able to hear and understand others
  • Feelings of stress from straining to hear others at all times
Medical Signs
  • Family history of hearing loss
  • Repeated exposure to environments with loud noise
  • Thyroid / Diabetes / Circulation & Heart problems
Social Signs
  • Ringing in ears
  • Turning up volume on TV or radio
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy environments (restaurant, mall, etc.)
  • Difficulty following conversations involving more than 2 people
  • Difficulty hearing phone conversations 
  • Trouble hearing household noises (doorbell, dripping faucet, etc.)
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